Our portfolio


Our oncology care network, Oncology D’Or, has 55 units in nine states (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Pernambuco, Sergipe, Maranhão, Ceará, Bahia, Paraná, Paraíba) and the Federal District.

More than 300 physicians are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer, providing world-class care in all units. In 2021, the group performed an average of 40,000 monthly visits, applying the different antineoplastic treatments – chemotherapy, target therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, radiotherapy and bone marrow transplantation – to about 9,000 people each month.

D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR)

The D’Or Institute for Research and Eduaction (IDOR), founded in 2010, is a non-profit institution that aims to contribute to scientific advancement, education and innovation in the health area. Having as main maintainer Rede D’Or, IDOR promotes research in the areas of neurosciences, intensive care medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics and oncology. As an educational center, it offers doctoral courses, undergraduate, specialization, extension and medical residency.

With its base in Rio de Janeiro and units in São Paulo, Salvador and Brasília, IDOR’s activities gain greater reach because of the synergy with the other units of the company’s hospital network and oncology centers. Research projects, tests and experimental applications of new drugs and technologies are regularly carried out in the company’s hospitals, promoting advances in areas such as intensive care, neurology and pediatrics.


IDOR Research in numbers

84 researchers
+ 700 articles published in leading international scientific journals
+ 70 scientific articles published per year
+ 13,000 citations
60 scientific collaborations in more than 60 countries


IDOR Education in numbers

160 medical students interning in hospitals

20 new extension and specialization courses offered in 2019

38 medical residency programs in RJ, SP and BA

475 medical residents in the last three years

+ 20 graduate programs, including doctorate

648 health professionals enrolled in extension courses

171 health professionals enrolled in postgraduate courses

+ 2,800 students in the last three years

+ 1,300 applicants in the selection for the academic internship in Intensive Medicine and Medical Emergencies (99 openings)


IDOR Innovation in numbers

+500 health startups mapped nationally and internationally

+100 startups connected

5 proofs of concept carried out

+10 events and workshops open to the public with more than 500 participants

+10 corporate partners performing tests and validations in Living Lab


D’Or Consulting

D’Or Consultoria (consulting), created in 2015, brings together insurance and corporate benefits specialists. Manages more than R$ 3 billion in health premiums, 2 million lives, and more than 1,250 institutional customers. It operates in six states – São Paulo (capital and interior), Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Pernambuco and Minas Gerais – performing operational management, risk and health management, consulting, diagnosis and market evaluation, marketing and communication services specialized in health and corporate benefits.

The Health Management and Quality of Life teams accompany and support employees of client companies, with services and guidance on benefits and health issues. D’Or Consultancy is able to offer services and content that help educate employees about the importance of prevention, in a light and personalized way.

Its performance in the segment is premised on the use of technology in the integration of all health data of a company – care, occupational, outpatient, drug, among others – and, through the behavioral analysis of users, employ assertiveness and proactivity in the development of customized programs according to the client’s profile.